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Assembly & Supply chain


Wilting ensures the assembly of mechanical/mechatronic modules and complete end products. The specific parts required for this are often produced in-house. Sheet metal and standard parts are purchased through the Wilting supply chain planners under favourable conditions. Next, a flex-team of engineers completes the assembly.

The clients of Wilting are then supplied with the modules/products along with their order of 1 article (number) and corresponding quality documentation without having the burden of managing, inventorying the manufactured and purchased parts and the planning of the assembly activities. This allows them to focus on their core activities such as product development and sales/services for their customers.

The NPI project leaders are responsible for organising the assembly process and during the industrialisation phase, they are the central point of contact amongst the manufacturing engineers, the quality officer, logistics and the client.

The assembly work is carried out according to clear work instructions. A Control Plan is compiled to ensure the (interim) quality monitoring.

Wilting not only has its own large assembly hall, it also possesses a fully-equipped cleanroom (ISO class 6 - 7) with integrated ultrasonic cleaning station.

The engineers at Wilting are schooled on the applied technologies and products involved. Thanks to the spread of clients and markets Wilting is able to offer flexibility at interesting rates.

It is precisely this flexibility which distinguishes Wilting with its short lines of communication and practical approach to the supply chain.