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Long term partnerships


All Wilting employees know that the success of Wilting depend on the success of our clients. Within our organisation, every client is assigned one client manager who is fully informed on the client's needs and the agreements made.

This client manager is the first point of contact for them and ensures that all deliveries are made according to the agreement. The client manager also considers the client's future prospects and makes sure that capacity or materials forecasts are implemented.

Wilting also continues to build and strengthen its partnerships with our technological partners and suppliers. With frank, open and honest communication, Wilting and its partners are able to improve the performances across the entire chain. This includes streaming through-put times, defect prevention and avoiding waste to ensure efficiency. As a result, we have now created long-term relationships that have proven to be exceptionally effective for new projects because we are so perfectly in sync.

Wilting holds a prominent position in the Brainport network. As a member of the Brainport Industries, Wilting is active in the "Medizintechnik Holland" leading group. This is a group consisting of complimentary firms from the Dutch manufacturing sector that aim to acquire a foothold in the southern German medical market. By working for German companies, this leading group bolsters the renown of the region and thereby also enhances the opportunities for long-term growth.

In addition, Wilting is also a member of such networks as FME, Nevat, Metaalhuis and Mikrocentrum.

Along with its clients, partners and employees, Wilting strives to foster long-term relationships which allow us to flexibly respond to new circumstances.