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Wilting knows that each market makes its own demands on the supply network. Flexibility in high-tech machine building, traceability in aerospace, food safety in the food processing industry, process control in the automotive industry and so on. Wilting is known for its unique ability to take the good elements from one market and make them available in another market.

High complexity, low quantities, high volatility in "High-tech machine building"

Working in the high-tech machine building industry can be compared to the world of professional sports. The components and modules are extremely precise, the numbers are relatively low and it's often "all or nothing". Wilting has grown to become to an expert in this field. A production process that does not depend on human labour can guarantee scalability. Automation and state-of-the-art equipment form the basis of precision.

Safety first, second and third in the Aerospace industry

Knowing exactly how products should be made and being certain that this is the only way to make them. We can clearly demonstrate / trace this fact and that is what makes us so reliable. Wilting has the organisation, the processes and the people to have earned the privilege of supplying the Aerospace industry. All of these activities are audited and certified by Lloyds.  And not just the structural parts, also the mechanical (sub) assemblies of engines and/or actuators. Even when 3D printing is required.

Complexity meets quantity in the "Automotive market"

Wilting supplies the automotive market in which, per part, the numbers quickly rise to tens of thousands annually. Wilting is competitive in this market thanks to its automated product handling, the continued development of specific tooling and with static process control. Wilting has managed to carve its own niche in the market and today, clients from other markets can also benefit from the advantages this offers.

High-tech meets food in the "Food processing industry"

High-tech solutions are becoming more prevalent in the today's food processing industry as a means to bolster returns, assess quality and speed up processes. The production of parts for these high-tech solutions is a perfect match for Wilting because we understand how important cleanliness and food safety are to this industry.

The cross-pollination of the demands from these divergent markets has made Wilting a leader when it comes to traceability, production process and commercial contracts.