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Parts Production

Wilting focuses on the repeat and predictable milling and turning of challenging parts.
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Value Chain management

Wilting ensures the industrialization and steady supply of composite parts.
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Assembly & Supply chain

Wilting ensures the provision of parts and assembly of mechanical and mechatronic modules and end products.
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At Wilting, we understand the art of collaborating. Both within our own organization and in our relationships with suppliers, partners and clients, we can work together to achieve the optimal results.
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Our competences are tried and tested.

When we develop of our clients' technology to a new and higher level, we closely analyse the manufacturing feasibility. Can the necessary precision mechanics be reliably produced and reproduced. The Wilting specialists have been a valued partner in this process for years. With our grasp of the countless machining and connective technologies and a vast network of complementary specialists, we can provide useful feedback at an early stage.


Which accuracies are realistically achievable? What are the cost-determining design features. Are alternative production technologies available? Can a test be quickly implemented? Thanks to our years of experience in dealing with these kinds of issues, Wilting has now grown to become the leading specialist in this field.
And thanks to our proficiency in the field combined with clear communication lines and a hands-on approach, we can achieve tangible results quickly.