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About Wilting


For over 35 years, the Wilting company has specifically focused on the production of high-quality components, assemblies and composite parts. Our clients are European OEM firms that compete on a global scale. Their highest standards have become like second nature to Wilting.

Wilting provides technology, quality and logistics that strengthens the competitive edge of its clients. Wilting is a technological pioneer with access and competencies throughout the chain. Value chain management and supply chain management are the keys to providing added value.

Wilting was founded and is still anchored by a deep-seeded drive to develop and innovate. A process that has resulted in a top-level, highly talented team characterised by a remarkable mix of professionalism, pragmatism and effectiveness.

By coordinating the processes with the clients' work method, Wilting has become a large supplier of mechanical components and modules.

Wilting currently has 85 employees spread over three locations. Wilting is also perfectly positioned to respond to the increasing demand of its clients and activate a flexible team. By realising sufficient flexible production capacity and client diversity, Wilting has demonstrated that is can scale right along with the need of its clients (whether it be to ramp up or turn down). This is how Wilting can guarantee long-term continuity.

Wilting works closely with its subsidiary Jatec in Leerdam, the Netherlands. Jatec focuses on the expedient and flexible manufacture of parts and sub-assemblies for the machine building industry, the printing industry and many others. Jatec is renowned for its high-quality and short delivery times. Jatec currently has 40 employees.

Please click here to visit the Jatec website.

The FME-CWM supply conditions filed at the Registry of the District Court of The Hague apply as they stand according to the text filed there to all quotations, orders and assignments of Wilting and to all our concluded agreements. The supply conditions shall be provided upon request.


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