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Parts Production


Wilting focuses on the industrialisation and production of repeat series of complex parts. Production processes for small, medium and large series are established in the advanced production management system. The basic principle we follow is to always have a process that is not dependent on human labour and a high degree of automation. This is what enables Wilting to guarantee its clients reproducibility and scalability.

Designing the production process is done by seasoned experts in the field of machining who also operate precision machinery. Once the clients' wishes have been compiled, we support the engineering phase with producibility analyses and advice based on our knowledge of the reproducible and stable production of repeat series.

The production takes place with as much automation as possible. Whenever possible, robots load the machinery and the quality is inspected by way of a static process audits and predictable tool life monitoring.

Wilting presides over an advanced stock of machinery, modern measuring tools and a robust ICT infrastructure.
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