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At Wilting, quality is made in the production process, not in the quality department. The quality department is on one hand, an extension of the client's quality officials and on the other hand, it supports the production through process controls.

In organising the production process, we consider the quality aspects right from the start. A Control Plan is compiled and the appropriate operational quality controls are set in place. A "First Article Inspection" is carried out at the start, before the regular production process is cleared.

At Wilting, end controls are carried out in order to confirm that the production process has successfully been completed. With stable production processes, this is often done via random inspections. The quality data is recorded in the advanced production management system. This ensures traceability and forms the basis for statistical analyses which our clients' engineers are also using with increasing regularity these days.

The calibration of the measuring equipment is stored in a transparent, traceable data base. Repeat and reproducibility analyses are also often carried out for critical measurements. This guarantees the reliability of the controls and provides the maximum amount of information about the quality of the products and/or processes.

Any and all deviations are recorded in detail at Wilting. These deviations may be identified during the production process, the end controls, at our partners or, unexpectedly at our clients. Subsequently, by way of an 8D approach, a structured search into the causes is commenced and any necessary modifications are made.

Wilting has the AS9100 (and ISO 9001) certificate for the aviation and aerospace industries. This certificate guarantees the quality and traceability of the products.
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