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Value Chain management


Wilting unburdens its clients by taking on the responsibility for the production of parts that are made with diverse manufacturing technologies. When Wilting does not have the required technologies in-house, we collaborate with complementary specialised partners that are considered to be among the very best Europe has to offer.

By structuring the production chain from start to finish, maintaining (interim) quality control and organising the logistics & planning, our clients can rely on the timely provision of the controlled and traceable end product.

The New Product Introduction project leaders at Wilting determine, in consultation with the clients' engineers, which processing steps and technologies are required to make the product. We then take charge of coordinating the approach, order, quality assurance and logistics for the adaptations and outsourcing at our specialised partners.

Wilting works with specialists in the areas of soldering, die-sinking & wire cutting, (laser) welding, heat treatment, surface treatment, 3D (metal) printing and so on.  All of Wilting´s partners work according to the same high quality standards and are fully geared towards synchronised collaborations. This makes Wilting the leader when it comes to offering optimal combination production processes for the most complex parts.

Thanks to the premium partnership Wilting enjoys with 3D Systems LayerWise in Leuven, Belgium, it is also the leading provider of completely finished 3D printed parts, including amongst others, titanium.