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Collaborations start with a mutual respect for the other's expertise. Our clients have the expertise to develop products/services which they then market and service. Wilting has the knowledge and agility in manufacturability and production. These competencies reinforce each other when combined. Our clients receive more affordable / precise / reliable parts and modules to better serve their customers. Wilting is constantly offered new, challenging opportunities which only enrich our specialised expertise.

At Wilting, we foster open and short lines of communication among our staff, with the suppliers and towards our technical partners and clients. Because every industrialisation project demands a unique and specific solution, Wilting carefully compiles the best possible team for each product/module. The NPI project leader always has a leading role in this, of course, but all players (both internally and at our partners) are pro-active and take the initiative whenever necessary. This results in situational, independent teams that are able to quickly devise an optimal production process.

In Wilting's supply network in the Netherlands, we even partner with peer companies to achieve our results. Wilting has partnered with the Medizin Technik Holland firm along with 11 other high-tech suppliers in order to serve the southern German Medical Market. Together, we organise events and visit trade shows in order to explain the strength of our partnerships to potential new German clients.

The employees of Wilting are all proud of their work and eager to explain what they do. With their highly specialised knowledge and down to earth approach, they can best explain all the possibilities.